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Any place visited by a holy personality becomes sanctified as a place of pilgrimage for ages to come. Swami Vivekananda was perhaps the first dynamic prophet of religion that ever came to the shores of U.K. He had a message to deliver — harmony of religions and science; divinity of man; religion is realisation. But his life, personality and everything associated with him are no less significant, for he was a man of God, living his every moment in God. 

Some important places visited by the Swami in and around Westminster in 1895-96 are marked below on Google Maps and listed below for a pilgrimage on foot. 

1.     171 Victoria Street
The original building has now been demolished, but it used to host Sesame Club meetings of which Miss Margret Noble (later Sister Nivedita) was a member. The club was for persons interested in education – professional teachers or otherwise. Swamiji gave three lectures at this venue, one of them entitled “Education”.

2.     24 Park Lane
Swamiji met an aristocrat, possibly a member of the Royal family, perhaps for private spiritual guidance.

3.     22 Albemarle Street
Attended a lecture on Taoism by Royal Asiatic Society. Edward Sturdy, Swamiji’s sponsor and disciple took part in the panel discussion.

4.     196 Piccadilly
Princes’ Hall in Royal institute for painters in Watercolours building. Many of the Swami’s talks/classes and his farewell reception in 1896 was held here.

5.     RUSI or Royal United Services Museum
Then “Royal United Services Museum” was a military history museum visited by Swamiji with Goodwin.

6.     Methodist Central Hall, Westminster
It used to be an aquarium during Swamiji’s visit. Goodwin (Swamiji’s disciple and stenographer) took the Swami there possibly to show him around and buy a new typewriter?

7.     20 Dean’s Yard
Residence of Canon Wilberforce who invited the Swāmi.

8.     39 Victoria Street
Many important talks/classes of the Swami were conducted at this place

9.     14 Greycoat Street
Where Swamiji lived along with brother disciples and others.

10.   63 St. George’s Drive
Most of Swamiji’s small boardroom classes for intimate disciples were held here. Sister Nivedita first met him here. There is blue plaque by English heritage here.