Ramakrishna Vedanta Centre U.K

Hearty Welcome! 
You are in a monastery! Kindly help us maintain its sanctity.
We request you to follow the below rules during your visit.
1. Please put on washed/clean clothes when you take part in prayer and meditation in the shrine.
2. Mobile phones must be put in silent mode before entering the shrine. 
3. Do not whistle or sing or talk loudly. This may disturb others who want to be quiet. Children and babies are welcome provided they can be quiet. 
4. Smoking or using alcohol/narcotics within the premises is strictly forbidden. 
5. If you open any doors or windows, remember to close them yourself. 
6. The centre will close at 19:00 hrs. Please make your way to exit quietly. 
7. The centre does not employ any paid staff. So everyone is welcome to help with the housework (Karma-Yoga). 
8. Donations or offerings will be gratefully accepted. Please use the donation box by the shrine entrance. 
9. Food offerings can be placed in the basket in front of the altar.